September 12, 2017

Getting started - again

I wanted to start my blog, again, for quite some time. I used to run few blogs of mine quite successfully several years ago, but I stopped blogging once I started working full-time. My previous employer wasn’t very supportive of working from home (things like blogging, working on OSS or for profit), so I slowly complied with that and lived on, even though I never agreed with that policy for so many reasons.

Three months ago I moved to another company (yay!), and things look much brighter on that side. Primarily I work with Go (lots of fun learning it).

As the opportunity arises once again, I’d like to continue where I stopped, talking mostly about consumer technology and programming, but not limited to those two topics, adding valuable things I’ve learned over the years to blog’s content.

There will be no defined pace for posts; I never had the time nor skills to organize myself that well. I will write new posts when I have spare time and motivation. That may or may not happen often, time will tell.

WordPress was my CMS of choice for many websites I’ve worked on before. I also liked it quite much (mainly cause I had no experience with other possibilities), talked about it, etc. It’s time to move on and ditch WordPress for many reasons. I’ll name them in of the upcoming posts, but also the pros of using WordPress to a static site generator.

This blog is built using Hugo with Hemingway theme, with a bunch of changes to the styling. I plan to make my own theme, but as I said before it depends much on my motivation and free time, so it probably won’t happen too soon. Not that I don’t like this theme, it’s quite what I’d like to have; it’s the fact that I’d like it to be unique.

That’s about it, for now. There is no about page on this site, nor will it be. Content is king!

I plan to write my first few posts with my experience from switching Windows to Mac, and Android to iPhone. I’ve done both recently and have mixed feelings about them. Stay tuned!

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